How To Seal The Joint Between Your Garage And Driveway

The joint between your garage and asphalt driveway can become cracked and broken over time.  The space can become a home to bugs and weeds, destroying the look of your property.  Once the joint sealant wears away, water can seep in and damage your foundation.  It's important to seal the exposed joint right away before you have to pay for more expensive repair to your foundation.  Here are the steps to seal the joint quickly and easily.

Materials Needed

  • Putty Knife
  • Pressure washer or garden hose
  • Asphalt foam backer rod
  • Polyurethane self-leveling sealant
  • Caulking Gun

Repair Process

  1. You need to clean out all the dirt and debris that has accumulated in the joint over time.  Use a putty knife to scrape away old sealant and any rotten wood or foam that remains inside the joint.  Use a pressure washer or a garden hose with a sprayer to thoroughly clean the joint with water.  Let the area dry, and then use rubbing alcohol and wipe the inside of the joint with a lint free cloth.
  2. Measure the length of the joint and cut a piece of foam backer rod to that size.  Start at one corner of the joint and push the foam into the joint with your fingers so that it doesn't just sit on top of the joint.  In the event that the joint is wider than the foam width, use two pieces of the foam rod and place them side by side in the joint. 
  3. Load the sealant into the caulk gun and pour a continuous layer of sealant into the crack.  Put on some disposable gloves and work the sealant into the crack with your fingers, making sure that all parts are covered.  Too much sealant is better than too little sealant, as you can wipe away any excess.  Let the sealant dry before driving or walking on it.   Read the directions on the package to determine how long the sealant needs to cure.

Additional tips

  • Do your repair on a day with dry conditions to make sure there is no rain in the forecast so the sealant can adequately cure.
  • Avoid repairing the joint during extreme heat or cold.  High temperatures dry the sealant too fast and cold temperatures stiffen the sealant so that it will not flow and adhere properly.

It's vital to fix the joint between your driveway and garage.  Use the steps above to quickly seal the joint and save yourself from paying for expensive repairs in the future. If you need more information or help with the project, contact a local paving company like Central Paving & Sealcoating Inc