3 Ways Asphalt Paving Services Prevent Parking Lot Accidents

You know that keeping your parking lot asphalt in great condition has important functional and aesthetic advantages. Many business owners never realize that specific features can also help prevent accidents in the lot:

Consistent Pavement Quality

Customers who regularly patronize your business are very familiar with your parking lot. They know where to drive to avoid potholes and areas where cracks have deteriorated into ruts.

However, infrequent customers who don't expect these problems may react unexpectedly when they see a big asphalt flaw looming ahead. They're likely to jerk the wheel to one side or the other to get out of the way. That increases the risk of hitting another vehicle.

Clearly Painted Cues

Drivers have a natural tendency to take the shortest path to their desired destination. Heading to a parking space is no exception. When no clear directional path is designated, drivers may move diagonally across the lot, increasing the risk of a collision. The problem is worsened when space lines have faded away and drivers are essentially guessing where the lanes are.

Having the asphalt paving technicians paint directional arrows in lanes, along with lines for parking spaces, encourages drivers to stay in lanes rather than behaving haphazardly. You can also ask the technicians to paint arrows designating entry and exit points in your driveways, another strategy for preventing collisions.

Consider including some painted walkways. Otherwise, pedestrians essentially must walk in driving lanes.

While not speaking specifically about parking lots, the Federal Highway Administration recognizes the importance of pavement markings for communicating information to drivers. 

Speed Bumps

If your parking lot is large and has areas that function as roads, consider having the asphalt paving contractors build speed bumps to slow traffic. One example of research on the subject of speed bumps for reducing collision frequency comes from Oregon's Portland Bureau of Transportation. They found a 39-percent decrease in accidents on roads where these features had been installed. 

Are Parking Lot Accidents Really an Issue?

It might seem hard to believe that parking lot accidents are relatively common. However, Nationwide Insurance reported in 2012 that some 13 percent of their accident claims are from incidents in parking lots. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports an even higher figure, noting that parking lot accidents account for 20 percent of all vehicle crashes. 

Contact an asphalt paving service to have important safety features put in place at your parking lot. To learn more, contact a company like Precision Lawn & Landscaping with your questions.