Parking Lot Asphalt Paving 101 | An Apartment Complex Owner's Guide To Paving

When you take a look at your apartment building, one of the first property features you have as the owner is the parking area. If the lot is in bad shape, full of potholes, cracks, and chips, it does not convey the best message to either potential tenants or the ones you already have. Unfortunately, many landlords will put off parking lot asphalt paving because they think it would be a major hassle for both them and their tenants. Here are a few of the most common questions regarding having a parking lot paved on the property of an apartment complex. 

How long will the residents have to stay off of the lot?

Generally speaking, the lot can be driven on almost as soon as the construction rollers have went over it. However, cars should not be left stationery, as they would be when parked, as the lot will not be dry enough to support the solid weight of a vehicle for long periods. Complete curing time can depend on the temperature, humidity, and materials used, but you should expect that your residents will have to avoid parking on the lot for a few hours at the least. 

When is the best time to alert the tenants of the project?

It is a good idea to alert your tenants a few weeks in advance that the parking area will be paved. This will give them time to make arrangements with people who may be visiting them at their apartment and if they wish to make alternative parking arrangements on their own, they can have enough time to do so. It is also best if you can make parking arrangements on their behalf. For example, you could talk to a local business about possibly allowing the tenants to park on their lot for the day. 

Is there any way to just do portions of the lot at one time?

If the parking lot that you have is rather large, you may be thinking that only paving a portion at once would be the best idea. Even though this could help with parking issues, it will not leave you with the best end result. Pavement that is laid at separate times will not always cure the same, which means your parking lot could end up looking like a patchwork quilt. However, it may be possible to split the lot into two separate projects without it being such a noticeable difference. 

Working with a paving contract to keep your parking area at its best is an important aspect of maintaining your property. For more information, contact Loflin's Paving or a similar company.