Enhancing Your Home's Curb Appeal With A Unique Driveway

If you had just moved into a new home and it has a dirt area for the driveway, you will most likely want to have this covered with a more durable material. You will enjoy having a safe area for your vehicle to rest while improving the visual appearance of the area as a bonus. Here are a few ideas you can try when having a driveway installed by a company like Caddo Paving in an attempt to have one that stands out from neighboring properties.

Give Tar And Chip Asphalt A Try

If you do not want a standard smooth asphalt driveway, and you tend to like the appearance of gravel, try using tar and chip asphalt as an alternative. This type of asphalt surface uses bits of stone in the material, allowing it to have a bumpier surface with character. It tents to be lighter in color than traditional asphalt, yet has the same quality of durability. It has the added bonus of extra gripping power since it is not a smooth surface.

Spruce The Area With A New Hue

Consider using a tinted asphalt material to cover your driveway area. Contact a paving contractor and ask them what shades they have available when using a standard asphalt solution. Tinted asphalt will be noticed from the roadway, giving your home an edge in gaining attention as people drive past. Another way to get color is to add paint to a newly poured asphalt driveway after it hardens. Asphalt paint comes in a variety of colors from subtle to bright and eye-catching. These are sometimes used to paint guidelines for basketball courts, shuffleboard game areas, or lettering. Use your imagination and make your driveway one-of-a-kind with a hand painted mural or pattern.

Stamp Patterns Into The Surface

If you like the appearance of a brick, cobblestone, or paver-lined driveway, you can get the same look without paying extravagant prices for masonry work or rock surfaces. A paving contractor can stamp a pattern similar to any of these directly into a new asphalt or concrete surface. Let your paving contractor know you are interested in seeing their stamping equipment and select one that appeals to you. They will lay the stampers into the driveway before it has completely set, forming the pattern you desire.

Be Environmentally Friendly

Using recycled asphalt is an option you can take to help the environment. Recycled asphalt will be poured like regular asphalt, but will take a bit longer to meld into a smooth surface. The material is made from small chunks of previously used asphalt. The oils inside this asphalt will settle after it is poured, forming a smooth surface that looks like traditional asphalt. This option is cheaper than having new asphalt poured without skimping on the look.