Creative Ideas For Using Pavers In Your Hardscape

Pavers are a durable and affordable method for paving your outdoor living areas. However, they're also a versatile and attractive paving choice. In fact, pavers come in a variety of colors, shapes and styles. They can mimic different materials, such as brick or natural stone. Contractors can lay pavers in patterns or as standalone designs in a sand or gravel base. Utilize pre-cast pavers for your hardscaping needs.

Colorful Walkway

All homes need walkways, but that doesn't mean they need to be utilitarian spaces. Instead, let dyed pavers enhance the flow of your pathway. For example, the Landscaping Network describes a walkway with a base of magenta pavers. White and lavender bands accentuate the curves of the walkway, and a charming compass rose even serves as decoration. Utilizing colorful pavers has the added bonus of breaking up wide spaces with visual interest.

Multicolored Pool Decking

Since pavers are essentially pre-poured concrete, manufacturers can dye them in an almost limitless array of colors. While creating a regular pattern is one option, another is having them laid in a seemingly random pattern. So, as you plan the decking for your pool, choose a color palette that complements the lining. Select pavers in this color palette, and have the contractors install them in a speckled pattern that enhances the pool.

Natural Patio

On the other end of the spectrum, you may want to keep your patio's flooring low-key. In that case, consider having your patio laid with natural stone pavers. These pavers still come in different colors, they're just more muted because they're meant to resemble natural stone. The end result of having natural stone pavers is a charmingly rustic patio floor that keeps the focus on your home's façade.

Lattice Border

Pavers can also be utilized in eco-friendly designs. For example, contractors can start with a bed of sand topped with gravel. On top of this they lay a lattice pattern of pavers, and fill the gaps with tiny pebbles. The result is an attractive border to a garden that also helps prevent runoff.

Brick Driveway

A brick driveway is a chic entryway for a traditional home. However, brick is expensive and requires regular maintenance. Here's where the versatile nature of pavers comes in handy. Rather than having to lay bricks on a bed of concrete, contractors can lay an interlocking pattern of concrete brick pavers directly onto a sand base. Red is traditional for brickwork, of course. However, consider drawing colors out from your house's façade to vary the coloration of your driveway.

Allow the beauty and versatility of pavers accentuate the natural character of your home and yard. Contact a company, such as Premier Asphalt Paving CO, if you are interested in decorative pavers.