How To Fix Cracks In Asphalt

Fixing the cracks in your asphalt driveway is an important part of preventing cracks from spreading. You can seal the asphalt with an additional layer of sealant, which will fill in the cracks and coat the asphalt with a protective barrier to help it fight the elements. You can seal the asphalt on your driveway by following the steps outlined below.

1 – Start by cleaning the asphalt of all dirt and debris using a hard-bristled broom. Make sure to clear off the driveway completely to prevent dirt from getting in between the sealant and the driveway during the application process.

2 – Hook up a pressure washer to a garden hose and a water supply before rinsing any remaining dirt off the driveway with it. If you notice an area of the driveway that has a tough stain on it you can apply more pressure by simply moving the pressure washer closer to the stain to increase the strength of the water hitting the stain. When you finish, let the driveway dry for a full twenty-four hour period to allow the water to completely evaporate.

3 – Using paint rollers with extension handles, pour out driveway sealant and begin to apply it to the portion of the driveway closest to the garage door. Make sure that you using the rollers to spread the sealant out evenly throughout the driveway and hit the entire surface area of the asphalt. Make your way backwards as you apply the sealant to the entire surface area of the driveway, ending at the base of the driveway.

4 – Let the sealant dry for a full twenty-four hour period to allow it to harden and form a bond with the existing asphalt. Once it has dried you can apply a second coat of sealant on top by repeating the instructions outlined in step three.

5 – Let the second coat dry for a full day. During that period, you should not step onto the asphalt driveway or drive on it with your car. If possible put some caution tape across the driveway to prevent someone from pulling into the driveway as the sealant fully hardens.

If you have holes in your asphalt driveway that cannot be fixed with a coating of sealant, then you will need the help of an asphalt repair technician to fill the holes or repave the full surface area with new asphalt. Contact a company like Branche Industries to see how they can help.