Warning Signs That Your Parking Lot Needs An Asphalt Service

Winter can create a lot of wear and tear for parking lots. Cracks begin to form along the surface as a direct result of exposure to sunlight and moisture. Grass may begin to grow out of the asphalt. There may be dark, greasy oil spots that look unsightly. However, there are also less obvious signs of asphalt driveway wear that you'll have to look carefully to find.

The Parking Lot Looks Weathered

Overall, the beautiful asphalt driveway that you installed will begin to look old and weathered. While the fading is cosmetic, it can be a sign of other problems that you will eventually need to correct. You may also be able to restore the driveway to its former glory through seal coating.

The Surface Looks Uneven

Look carefully at the parking lot surface to make sure it is level. If it appears uneven, this can be a sign of parking lot wear and can also make it more difficult for vehicles to safely drive across your parking lot.

Water Is Pooling In Several Locations

Water should not be pooling in your parking lot. If you notice pools of water, this is an indication that you have poor drainage and that water is not running off your parking lot. The water can cause the parking lot to degrade more quickly, requiring a resurfacing sooner.

Cracks Form

Cracks commonly form as a result of various environmental factors. If they are not patched, grass will be allowed to grow out of the cracks, worsening them. The grass is unsightly and may also create tripping hazards.

Potholes Form

Potholes can often be one of the most noticeable signs that a parking lot needs to be repaired since motorists will have to maneuver around potholes to avoid damaging their vehicles. Also, potholes are a sign of a drainage problem underneath your parking lot that may need to be corrected. You may also notice that water is running down the middle of the parking lot.

A parking lot is a place where you will make a first impression. However, it is also often a place that is overlooked, so make sure that you take care of asphalt problems early on both to protect your customer's vehicles and to make a good impression on them. For this reason, you will want to look at these warning signs to determine when it is time for a commercial asphalt service, such as from Riggi Paving Inc.