Improving Your Space Through Gathering Information - Questions For A Paving Contractor

Whether you're looking to build a brand new patio or merely spruce up your garden path, a paving contractor can provide you with valuable assistance. Unfortunately, many people are likely to be inexperienced when it comes to selecting paving stones or a variety of other tasks related to the construction.

Rather than allowing yourself to struggle with those challenges and stay in the dark about the paving process, there are questions you can ask to make sure you're on the metaphorical right path. Below, you'll find a guide to some of those questions you should be sure to ask of your paving contractor in order to make sure you get the end result you desire.

Ask About Drainage

Erosion and water damage pose serious risks to any collection of stones, and your paved path or patio will be no different. Unless you guarantee a proper slope and drainage direction, standing pools of water can break way at your stones until they no longer have the form and function you desire.

Your contractor will be able to explain the necessary steps to guarantee drainage and set you up to make sure water runoff doesn't affect any other area of your home. This will involve grading your land and potentially selecting different materials for your pavers, so you should be willing to be flexible.

Ask About Foundation

Installing a paved space is not as simple as laying out the stones and placing them on the ground. A proper foundation has to be established in order to guarantee stability and firmness, and that might be an involved process.

Determining the best way to set your foundation could also determine how much additional work is necessary for your project. In some cases, you may be looking at simply laying sheet and sand. Others may involve tilling or even pouring a concrete pad, and determining the right path is a key part of the paving work.

Ask About Materials

Though most people think exclusively about concrete when it comes to considering pavers, there are a variety of options available. Not only are different types and colors of rock on the menu, but some modern pavers are even composed of rubber. Finding the right material for your particular job can be a complicated process, but your paving contractor will have the depth of knowledge necessary to guarantee that you'll never regret your installation once you're enjoying your new space. For more information, contact a business such as Mariotti Site Development Co Inc