How To Make The Front Of Your House Exceptional

Have you decided that this is the time to make some serious beautification changes to the front of your house? Here are some ideas that may inspire you to design something unique and exceptional.

Start With The Big Picture - Assess what needs to be done and write it all down.

  • Does your house need painting? If so, consider using two contrasting colors to bring some drama to the picture. Rust and beige are two good choices. White with black shutters would be nice, too.
  • Landscaping can make a world of difference. Besides adding shrubs and flowering plants, consider artistically trimming your trees. If you don't have any, buy shade trees that will save on the electricity while making the front yard look pretty.
  • Is there space for a circular driveway? If so, consider hiring professionals to create one out of flagstone or concrete. The great thing about selecting concrete is that faux painters can make it look like tile, marble, brick or just about anything else you want. A company like Northern Asphalt LLC can provide more information.
  • While you're at it, add a new walkway leading to your front door. Match it to whatever you've selected for your driveway.

Cover All The Details - When you are making your plan to beautify your home, think of every little thing that will make a difference.

  • Does the front door need a new doorknob? If so, consider pewter or brass for extra pizzazz. Don't forget to add a pretty doorbell, too.
  • Choose light fixtures that will coordinate well with the doorknob. A chandelier on the front porch would add interest to the look.
  • Are there stairs leading to the front door? If so, consider the addition of an ornate hand railing.
  • Don't forget to add decorative lighting that will not only add beauty to the house, but will make it a safer place to be.

Shop for bird houses, planters and other decorative pieces at places like antique stores, thrift stores and even yard sales. You're bound to find unique items that will add to the look you seek. Be bold! Remember that original ideas will make your house stand out from the others in your area. It will become a very exceptional home. Remember, to, that as you make changes to the front of your house, keep a folder for receipts and other important papers. Later on you'll thank yourself, especially if you need to return something to a store.